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When it comes to the public perception of your business, creating a brand that resonates with the right audience is key. A logo isn’t just a picture to represent your company, Case In Point Design’s Zoe Sizemore describes it as a ‘communication tool’.

“Good marketing is all about repetition,” says Zoe, a graphic designer with 18 years’ experience. “It takes eight touch points to make a sale. So, if someone sees your brand – even for a couple of seconds – you want to create a feeling of connection that generates trust. Your brand gives your business a voice and a personality.”

That feeling of familiarity could be all it takes for a new customer to choose you over the competition. Keeping your brand consistent is also a way to boost your product’s perceived value.

“If people create a logo with random fonts and colours, it doesn’t look professional. You need imagery that’s consistent across all your marketing. It’s my job to think about how your brand looks on all the platforms – from a long website banner to a small circular profile picture.”

It’s worth investing in professional branding. One business owner saw an increase in sales of 29.7% over three months after updating her product packaging design.

“Business owners are often passionate about what they do, but they might not know what their niche is, what sets them apart, or who their target audience is. We take all of that into consideration before designing,” says Zoe.

She says it’s not about using the business owner’s favourite colour, it’s about choosing a logo concept that works best for its function.

"When we’re designing, we’re thinking from the customer’s point of view, not the business owner’s,” explains Zoe, “Engaging your target audience is the most important thing.”

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